Q: How can I race in the US F1000 Championship?

A: Getting the requirements to race in the US F1000 Championship is fairly straightforward.  Because the US F1000 Championship runs in conjunction with SCCA national races all you need to compete in the championship is a SCCA national license.

To obtain a SCCA national license contact the SCCA at www.scca.org or 1-800-770-2055 and fulfill the necessary requirements for your SCCA national license. Normally this requires attending a driver school and competing in a couple of regional race events. However, if you have prior racing experience you can obtain a waiver for some of your requirements. Contact the licensing director for your region to inquire.

Q: Now that I have the required license how do I get a car?

A: A good place to start is by contacting any of the F1000 Manufacturers that currently support the series (see our series supporting sponsors here. They can assist you in getting a car and with anything you need to get on track and racing. There is also a used car market available for F1000 cars. Check out sites like www.apexspeed.com under FB: Classifieds: For Sale for listings of F1000 cars currently for sale.

Q: There are several formula classes to choose from. Why should I race in F1000?

A: While there are many formula classes available only Formula 1000 can provide the newest and most technologicaly advanced open wheel racing for the amateur or beginning professional racer.

Most other formula car racing is based on a formula created in the 1960's and 1970's. The first Formula 1000 didn't take to the track until 2007 with the first manufacturer design chassis competing in the same year.

In just this very short period of time the F1000 class of cars has already seen many technological breakthroughs in chassis and aerodynamic development as well as new shifter technology. Formula 1000 is the only lower formula car class in North America that uses paddle shifters just like they do in Indy Car racing and Formula One. We believe the combination of all these elements provides the serious amateur racer the best racing experience for the cost as well as the career-minded up-and-coming driver with the best experience possible in his developing his professional career.

Q: What does the US F1000 Championship offer in the way of marketing and press coverage?

A: The US F1000 Championship is expanding its press coverage in 2013 to more press outlets and media sites. All races will be extensively covered by both press releases and race reports that will be distributed through our partner websites. Live twitter will also be available.

Special sponsor events will also take place through the year that will help highlight both the series and its sponsors.

Media marketing kits will be provided by the series to all competitors to assist them in obtaining sponsorship for their race campaigns.


For additional information on the US F1000 Championship you can inquire at: info@USF1000.com


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